Each year the Foundation accepts applications from throughout the State, allowing organizations of all types to express their need.  Each year those needs change, but we are consistently impressed with the good work these organizations are doing in Idaho.  There are so many volunteers and community leaders throughout Idaho who make each community more successful.  From after school programs and field trip bussing to providing breakthrough technologies to improve rural medicine, the Foundation has been able to aid communities throughout the State.  

The Foundation accepts inquiries from any qualified tax-exempt Idaho nonprofit organization.  Particular grantmaking priorities include rural healthcare, educational programs for children, and programs in underserved communities and for underserved populations.  Prior grants made can be seen on our IRS filings at  The prior year grants are listed in the link below.  The Foundation does not limit giving to a certain type of program or need (i.e.: programs, equipment, bricks and mortar, salaries and benefits), however administrative costs are not preferred.  We are interested in organizations run in a cost-effective manner and serving large numbers of people who are truly in need.  

Very few foundations offer such an open and simple process, but we believe that the members of each community know better what they need than we do.  One of the hardest things each year is having to tell applicants that we just could not fund their project.  


The Foundation has only one grantmaking cycle per year.

LETTERS OF INTENT (NEW) We will open our application process February 1.  After that date, all letters of intent must be emailed to by March 15.  In the email letter of intent, please provide your name, your organization and its purpose, your location and service area, your proposed project and an estimated dollar amount for request.  In the subject line include your organization and "letter of intent" (e.g.: Main Street School Letter of Intent). Do not attach a separate document – please include the letter in the body of the email.  Applications packets will be provided by email by April 1 to those organizations we invite to make a full application.  Letters of intent are limited to Idaho nonprofit entities.

Applications must be postmarked by May 1.  

Grants will be announced and disbursed by August 31.

All grant recipients must submit a final grant report form in hard copy by March 15.